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    • Reverse plow
    • Reverse plow
    • Reverse plow
    • Reverse plow
    • Reverse plow
    • Reverse plow
Détails sur le produit

Model1 LR-100LR-104LR-103LR-102
Weight(Kg)60 KG75KG90KG105KG
working Depth(mm)120-160120-160120-160120-160
working width(mm)200200250300
Power Required(Min/Max)15-25HP15-25HP15-25HP20-30HP


1. LEFA reversible plow is designed and manufactured according to the national standard for the share plough used in the dry field 

2. 3 point linkage, Cat I 

2. The operation is double direction as shuttle doing,after plough,the land surface are very smooth. 

3.The Reversible Plough is especially useful in hard and dry trashy, stumpy land conditions and in soils 

4. The plough has high carbon steel bottoms with points for toughest ploughing jobs. 

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