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    • Disc harrow
    • Disc harrow
    • Disc harrow
    • Disc harrow
Détails sur le produit

Working width(m)
Working depth(mm)80-120
No.of disc(pcs)121416182024
Disc Diameter(mm)460460460460460460
Tractor power(hp)12-2015-2525-3530-3535-4550-60
Linkage3 point linkage  Cat I


1. Light Duty Offset Disc Harrow is designed specially for small land with steep slopes that is difficult to harrow. 

2. The disc harrow is used for breaking up the ground, shattering soil lumps and mixing crop residues into soil as green manures. 

3. Mounted to tractor by 3 point linkage, the whole structure is enough strong to perform excellently in steep land with high speed.

4. High Carbon disc blade hardness: 38-44 HRC, assuring the toughness and wear ability of disc blade.

5. Compact harrow structure, convenient for assembly and adjustment

6. Disc harrow adopting using bearing combinations with a grease filling hole on it, keeping sand or soil from going into bearing 

tocausebreak down and maintaining conveniently 

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