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    • Fertilizer spreader
Détails sur le produit
Capacity 250L400L600L
Spreading Width6-15m6-15m6-15m
Net Weight (kg)70kg80kg90kg
Tractor required18-30HP25-40HP30-50HP
Travel Speed5-15m/s5-15m/s5-15m/s
Linkage type3 point linkage CAT I


Main advantages: 

1. High-quality and large-scale, high efficiency of seeding and fertilizing 

2. Mainly used to fertilize before tillage, sow seeds after tillage and spread seeds and manure in grassland and ranch; 

3. Powder coated for corrosion resistance, longer serving time; 

4. Adjustable vanes, removable hitch,tubular steel chassis ,rigid agitator and optional hoppers (steel or polypropylene); 

5. Stable structure, high productivity and wide range of applying. 

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