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    • Corn seeder
Détails sur le produit
Model 2BYFJ-3 2BYFJ-4 2BYFJ-5 2BYFJ-6
Net weight(Kg) 200KG 270KG 340KG 420KG
Row space(mm) 500-700 500-700 500-700 500-700
power required 18-25hp 25-35hp 40-60hp 55-80hp
fertilizing depth 30-70mm under seeds
fertilizing output 90-415 kg/mu
seeding depth 30-50mm
linkage type 3 point linkage Cat I
Speed(km/h) 5-7km/h
Transmission Land wheel driving
Crops Corn, Soybean

Products advantages: 

1. 2BYFJ series seeders are precision corn seeder/corn drill, it must match with the four-wheel types tractors 

2. Corn planter is used for seeding the single seed or double seeds accurately, which have fertilizer function as well while seeding. 

3. Corn seeder can finish furrowing, fertilizing, seeding, covering earth, pressing etc 

4. the effect of Single grain sowingis extremely accurate, at same time that can lower the seeds wasting. 

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