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    • Broyeur aux  fléaux EF
    • Broyeur aux  fléaux EF
    • Broyeur aux  fléaux EF
    • Broyeur aux  fléaux EF
Détails sur le produit

modèle EF-95 EF-105 EF-115 EF-125 EF-135
Poids(Kg)130 KG145Kg155KG170Kg175Kg
Largeur de Coupe950mm1050mm1150mm1250mm1350mm
 PTO Vitesse d#39;entrée540r/min540r/min540r/min540r/min540r/min
Number of blades3036394242
Puissance Adaptée16-20CV20-25CV20-30CV20-30CV20-30CV
3 point Attelage UniverselCat.1Cat.1Cat.1Cat.1Cat.1


1.light flail mower is driven by a PTO shaft that transfers power from your tractor,suitable for 20-35hp. 

2.Transmission: By sturdy toothed belts. 

3.Gearbox is made of graphite casting iron. Material performance is better. Not easy broken. 

4.With adjustable rear roller, the mowing height can be adjusted. 

5.High welding processes 

6.With front protection, it can prevent splashing. 

7.Y shape blades vertical blades for grass. With double blades 

8.Cat. I universal three-point hitch cardan shaft 

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